Retreat in the Andes

Date: February 16 - 25, 2018

Have an Adventure of a Lifetime visiting some of the most beautiful places on earth at the same time you are experiencing healing benefits of the Andes, La Finca Abundancia & Therapies hard to find anywhere else


Inhaling into a renewed body and soul   *   Getting new clarity & awareness about your life & the world   *.  Exhaling into deep relaxation & connecting with the beauty of Ecuador, new people and yourself   *.   Finding balance as you spend a week as a tourist & learning, or deepening your knowledge of a most potent form of meditation

Come join Lisa and and Kerry, Ecuadorian resident for the past 9 years, for the adventure and self-renewal opportunity of a lifetime in one of the most beautiful places you will ever visit! We own La Finca Abndancia retreat center and demonstration farm in the Andes Intag region of Ecuador.

* Unique in the world medicinal water * Anti-aging thermal water therapy * Breathing therapy for many body or mind challenges * Yoga and movement options * Indigenous artisan art and crafts shopping * Ayurvedic consultation with Dr. Indunil of Sri Lanka. Includes live blood microscopy with diet and herbal supplement recommendations.
The therapeutic food and herbal offerings from our land are unsurpassed in quality and healing anywhere on the planet! Your participation in this retreat experience promotes poison free, sustainable agriculture that is being demonstrated at our home, La FincaAbundancia.

Healing at high altitudes on the equator is good for your health! Your circulatory & metabolic systems are enhanced! New, red blood cells increase! Come experience the benefits for yourself!

Lodging includes: 1 night, Quito - plane arrives here 

*** 7 nights @ locations in Inbabura region of Ecuador

Some Meals (all reasonable priced) are at participants’ cost.
Itinerary upon Request
Lisa Jones, is an internationally-recognized Breathworker who since 1998, has taught thousands of individuals and supported their journeys into the body/mind realm through her workshops and private sessions. Her belief is that when we breathe consciously as a community the amount of healing that takes place is phenomenally amplified for individuals, their loved ones and the planet! Lisa returned early September 2016 from a 2-month stay in Ecuador where she taught Breathwork & the Nia technique to individuals from all over the world. She also spent her last week there as a tour guide: “Lisa Jones organized a wonderful tour for me and a friend this summer. Lisa’s organization and in-depth knowledge of the local area made each day just right, with a great balance of sightseeing days interspersed with days which were more laid back. I could not be happier with the trip and the skill Lisa displayed as well as the time she devoted to make this possible for us. Kudos to Lisa for putting together a great retreat!”
THIS RETREAT is a value at $ 1,958
And, Find three people that want to go and your trip is free!