journey to Ecuador and Rewrite Your Story!

Date: February 18 - 25, 2019

I am very excited to be offering this week long retreat to Ecuador. The theme of our retreat will be “Rewriting Your Story!” In rewriting our stories, we will be looking at the way we currently view our life as it has happened, pinpoint areas of old thinking and patterning, and rewriting that story from our soul’s truth. Using guided meditation, yoga, Nia breathwork, hiking and exploring, we will connect with our inner selves and create a space to express our soul’s desires and divine purpose for this life. Nikki will be doing the guided meditations and writing workshops. Lisa will be doing the yoga and Nia breath workshops.

Lisa Jones and her husband Kerry Klages, designer agronomist and EFT practitioner, moved to Apuela, Imbabura, Ecuador for the purpose of creating a remote mountain farm and healing, and demonstrating a sustainable model of agricultural living. They bought a 70 acre remote mountain farm of pristine beauty hosting four waterfalls. It is truly a magical place!

During this retreat,we will explore the Andes of northern Ecuador and some of the interesting people who populate this land. We will stay in Cotachachi, the “leather” town; we will take a trip to Otavalo, and go to Otavalo Market, one of the largest, most famous markets in South America; we will stay a few minutes from the farm in this beautiful location on a river with hot springs from the mountains all around and our writing workshops will be at the farm high above the valley, accessible by a 1/2-mile road they built to climb/ride to their mountain paradise.

With love,  Nikki Geannelis

(Please note there may be slight modifications as needed)

Day 1: Monday, February 18, 2019: Leave USA! Pick up from the airport and go to Cotacachi. We will gather when we have all arrived, depending on what time flight gets in, for introductions.

Day 2: Tuesday, February 19: Morning Yoga/Nia at hotel conference center; Breakfast at hotel. Walk around Cotacachi and over to Ananda Healing Center for lunch at Buddha Bistro. After lunch leave for Otavalo Market! Will gather in the evening.
Meals: Breakfast and lunch are included in the cost of the trip
Dinner will be at your own expense.

Day 3: Wednesday, February 20: Morning Yoga/Nia at Center; Breakfast at hotel; relax in town and take in the sights and have lunch locally. After lunch, go to accomodations near farm; 3:00 workshop; dinner and evening gathering at hot springs.
Note: In Cotacachi there is a spa with services (for extra cost) if you choose.
Meals: Breakfast and dinner is included in the cost of the trip.
Lunch will be at your own expense as we will be taking in Cotacachi.

Day 4: Thursday, February 21: yoga/nia/breakfast at our place of stay then off to the farm; Morning Workshop; lunch; hike around farm; afternoon workshop; back for dinner and evening gathering at hot springs for integrating day’s work.
Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner included in the cost of the trip.

Day 5: Friday, February 22: itinerary same as day 4 with different workshops. The first workshops will focus on our old story. The later workshops will focus on writing our new story.
Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner is included in the cost of the trip

Day 6: Saturday, February 23: inteineray same as day 5
Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner included in the cost of the trip

Day 7: Sunday, February 24: yoga followed by breakfast and then back to Cotacachi. Visit Shaman Caves, and Volcanic Lake. Evening gathering for final workshop and sharing.
Meals: Breakfast and dinner is included in the cost of the trip. Lunch will be at your own expense.

Day 8: Monday, February 25: yoga/breakfast. Prepare to leave for airport and return to USA!
Meals: Breakfast is included in the cost of the trip.

Trip Costs: Sept 30, 2018 - A non-refundable deposit of $320.00 is due. Next payment of $320.00 is due November 30 and last payment of $315.00 due January 15, 2019
= $955 total cost of your Journey to Ecuador payable by PayPal or transfer of funds to Nia NH’s TD Bank account

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