Vison and Balance on the Equator

Date: February 25 - March 3, 2020

I am very excited to be offering this week long retreat to Ecuador.  Using ceremony, guided meditation, yoga, Nia,  breathwork, hiking and exploring, we will connect with our inner selves and create a space to express our soul’s desires and divine purpose for this life.

Lisa Jones and her husband Kerry Klages, designer agronomist and EFT practitioner, moved to Apuela, Imbabura, Ecuador for the purpose of creating a remote mountain farm and healing, and demonstrating a sustainable model of agricultural living. They bought a 70 acre remote mountain farm of pristine beauty hosting four waterfalls. It is truly a magical place!

During this retreat,we will explore the Andes of northern Ecuador and some of the interesting people who populate this land. We will stay close to Lisa and Kerry's farm in the Intag valley, known for its purity, with unique in the world medicinal water- anti-aging, pain-relieving thermal water therapy.  We will also stay in Cotachachi, the “leather” town; we will take a trip to Otavalo, and go to Otavalo Market, one of the largest, most famous markets in South America.

While we are in Ecuador, other opportunities for experiencing the local culture may arise. If such opportunities do occur, the additional cost to participate will be at your own expense and will not be covered in the trip cost. It will be up to you, the individual traveler, to decide to take part in any added outings or workshops at the additional cost. These additional opportunities will be completely voluntary and you may choose not to participate.
Being open to all things that come up is vital on this trip. Being flexible, willing to laugh, happy to forgive and generous with compassion toward yourself and all the travelers will make the journey to Ecuador a memorable experience. Also, be aware that you may need some time to yourself to process what you’ve experienced, rest, and escape the overload of a different culture, especially if you are new to travel. Take that time.

Honor your needs. Honor the needs of your fellow travelers. Honor the friends you will meet on the way. And be prepared for an awesome time!