Demonstration Farm

Here at La Finca Abundancia, we are celebrating the opportunity to prove and demonstrate a new model of agriculture. (can you hear "dance" in our name?) Abundancia is in the Intag Valley of Apuela in the mountains of northern Ecuador. With amazing natural beauty, Intag is known for its many clear cool rocky rivers, steep green mountains and abundant bird life. Most earn their living on small family farms, persisting with a model of traditional agricultural even though challenged by the cost and toxicity of purchased inputs. Whereas,
our sustainable agricultural model optimizes the health and diversity of the life of the soil. When soil life is balanced:
* Plants have constant availability to nutrients: resisting insects and diseases, and produce nutrient-dense food.
* Weeds are suppressed.
* Nutrients are held in the system and are not lost to ground and surface water.
We accomplish enhanced soil biology by:
* Making and using therapeutic composts.
* Making and using charged charcoal (bio char)
* Using trees (agri forestry)
As a volunteer and/or supporter you will be connected with one of the most beautiful places on earth and filled with inspiration (quite literally from the air with enhanced prana only found in certain places in the world as ours. This healing place also includes our on -the-premises Breath Institut?e where you can literally change your self by changing your breathing. You'll learn all about our practices for enhancing our planet's soil. You will connect with native, indigenous food and medicinal plants, apiculture (bees), aquaculture (fish) and ecological building practices.
The natural world thrives by cooperation and so do we. We look forward to the exchange of ideas with you. Together we can "be the change" for the highest good of all and, our planet.

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