Beginnings: La Finca Abundancia

Posted by: Kerry Klages on Monday, January 15, 2018 

I, Kerry, have been in Ecuador for almost 8 years now. March will mark two years of my owning of a small mountain farm in the Intag valley. Here are some of my thoughts I was inspired to write down this morning:

We get up early here at La Finca Abundancia not primarily because the tasks of the day call out to us for completion, but because joy can't wait another moment for a fuller expression. This beautiful land seems to await our full, on-purpose participation in the revealing of what is to be slowly and steadily, step-by-step and day-by-day, birthed into time and space. "Abundancia" means abundance and La Finca Abundancia reveals her seemingly infinite abundance in greater ways as time flows on. We receive of that abundance with celebration. "Dance" is the middle syllable of our 5 syllable name, picturing how celebrating our opportunities to live purposefully, in collaboration with nature and beauty is central to everything. The first two syllables of our name are pronounced in Spanish as " a boon", which means a factor contributing the promotion or enhancement of something. We rejoice that what we see unfolding is the creation of a farm that proves and demonstrates a sustainable poison-free agriculture that with its cooperation with nature by enhancing the life in the soil produces nutrient dense food and an improved environment. Having this functional model here in Ecuador provides undeniable evidence to neighbors and those beyond that such a model is viable, and can be replicated for the highest good and benefit of all. This is also a remote place where people can come to experience beauty, clean air and water, and nourishing food produced here, and other healing modalities to recover their physical and mental vitality. The last two syllables of our name, Abundancia, is "see ya". We are gaining a clearer and truer or perception of ourselves and one another and the natural world we live in and can say to all of these, "I see you". As that perception becomes more grounded in reality, then our power to do good in the world to effect positive change for all, increases proportionally. Wherever you are in the world, we are privileged to participate with you as we share this unified intention.
January 1, 2018

Kerry Klages and Lisa Jones (aka: MacGiver and Rosie)

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No two of us are alike!

Posted by: Lisa Jones on Wednesday, January 27, 2016 

I think the most interesting gift breathwork gives us is the ability to know ourselves on a deep, unconscious level by beginning to understand the unique "breath language" we all possess.  This opening to awareness is the doorway that so often leads me past the healing experience of our sessions and into the connection to our divine, higher selves.  I just love the debriefing after sessions as people share their experiences of that higher perspective WE ALL CAN ACCESS IF WE ARE WILLING. 

People who have attended any of my workshops know of my cooking prowess - I have gleaned knowledge since 1981, when I started at a health food restaurant Southern California, of ways I wanted to nourish my body. Next  adventure was learning from an elder forager and master gardener, my grandmother in law in Beautiful Oregon - I have referred to this place as The Garden Of Eden many times.   I returned to New Hampshire when my first two daughters are very young and connected with the longest-running CSA in the country. I've been blessed to learn so many things health-enhancing philosophies that at this point in my life I have the wisdom to pick and choose what works.  So it is with personal growth and Breathwork!

After 25 years .I have combined the many personal growth programs I've participated in, my own (and clients I've been privileged to serve) healing work, my shamanic journey experiences, knowledge from teachers and many sources to develop my "Breathing Into It All Sacred Circle Program".

In preparation for this special 9-month program, I am offering 2 Day-long retreats :

February 21, 9 am - 5 pm @ Regina’s Connection, 582 Main Street, Hudson , MA 01749
March 6, 9 am - 5 pm @ Enhance Your Frequency Healing Center, Lexington, MA

Attending either of these is a good way to find out if you're ready to step into the most life-changing program that I have created or, have a one-day retreat!

Please sign up soon as spaces are filling up.

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How I (or anyone) can stop a dry, hacking cough

Posted by: Lisa Jones on Sunday, January 3, 2016 

Hello from the other side of my first cold in 13 years,

I had been going kind of fast & travelling a bit too much in 2015 and the body doesn't lie, nor does the breath as we know. I'm grateful for the detox/cleanse (including emotional) that took place the past 2 weeks and feel so healed and somehow inspired. What amazing insights and spirit connection I received from this forced inward time.  

I would like to share a technique I researched to cure the dry, hacking cough I couldn't stop after the congestion part of the illness was gone. This is how I would do it: cough with my mouth and nose shut - eventually I would even be able to subdue the cough, then hold my breath - holding mouth + nose shut only long enough so as to not be anywhere close to gasping for air when I released. I would then shallow breathe fast, inhale and exhale through nose with a relaxed exhale, for 5-10 breaths. THIS BREATHING is done engaging diaphragm.   What I was doing was creating a situation of increasing Carbon dioxide in airways which pacifies the urge-to-cough receptors and will increase oxygen in cells. This is a simplistic explanation that I will be offering more information on how so many health issues are related to hyperventilation which leads to over-breathing in the 9 month Sacred Circle training. Now that I recovered, I will edit and start blogging all the new ideas and insights I have gained from my Vision Quest without leaving home. 

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How Healthy is Your Portfolio?

Posted by: Lisa Jones on Tuesday, September 22, 2015 

I recently was talking with someone about elderly people we knew who were suffering from what I can only describe as an accumulation many years of un-supportive emotions and ways of thinking.    They have been living a busy, outer directed life and not checking in on the truth of what could really being going on; knowing their inner life.  We all have blind spots, that with a tool such as conscious breathing, can be felt, gently touched and acknowledged.  This investment of healing, understanding and reflecting with conscious breathing will keep us from accumulating excess stuck emotions and perceptions, which will only be more difficult to release as time goes on.   These elderly people are now equipped with a very close to empty portfolio of the truly valuable things that make life full such as aligning with our life's purpose and our best thinking.  Life is meant to expand with increased joy as we find ways such as conscious breathing to keep growing a full portfolio of what serve us more than any financial assets we've accumulated.  

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Amazing Breath – Breathing Therapy

Posted by: Lisa Jones on Wednesday, June 17, 2015 

I often say how we breathe is how we live. Most people in our society have over time developed dysfunctional breathing patterns in response to stressful situations.  For many, disconnecting from stressful situations feels comfortable and even normal;  it’s the way they’ve reacted for a long time. When this is how a person deals with handling their emotions, these feelings are repressed (held in), which takes a lot of wasted energy, creating chronic tension, stressing our bodies and immune system, robbing us of our vital life force!

A typical dysfunctional pattern is shallow upper chest breathing.  Shallow breathing becomes a habit for dealing with life.  The energy that gets blocked and held within becomes our tensions and dis-ease.  Claiming back our birthright of respiration, to the way most babies and animals breathe - full and easy, can be a freeing and healing experience and a new-found way to be living our lives. The benefits of a full and open breath are many from more focus, personal empowerment, a greater sense of well being, and truly feeling safe and secure.  This comment from a breath client, “this is the most relaxed and safe I’ve ever felt” shows the potential of breathing therapy.

I have found that knowing how I breathe gives me great insight.  The more I spend time being present with my breath the more I am aware of what is really happening in my mental and emotional life.  From my journey with therapeutic breathing I now know my mind and emotions trigger different breathing patterns.   One example is when I notice I am controlling my breath, which is by forcing my inhale, especially in the solar plexus area, my control issues are showing up.  When I am not breathing fully and openly in my upper chest, it is usually a conditioned response triggered by past pain and emotions.  My core issue of being confused and unsafe in love manifests itself in tight and restricted breathing in my heart area.  Because of 18 years of connected breathing I have am free of those painful, traumatic, energy draining experiences of the past!

My experience is that most of us have core issues, most of them from way back to childhood, that result in emotional states that keep us stuck until we become aware of them and hopefully find ways, such as therapeutic breathing, to resolve them.  The gift is that we can become more aware and live more consciously than ever before with the tool of conscious, connected breathing. This tool will allow us to begin knowing and allowing a life that truly nourishes and supports us.

As a breathing facilitator, I have been privileged to clients’ sharing their journeys, awarenesses and gifts of consciousness they receive from connected breathing.   Also, I have been truly blessed to have taken journeys into other realms through my own breathing sessions.  A common theme people share is the connection with Guides and loved ones who have passed away.   An example is when I was breathing a few years ago I felt myself surrounded by women of all ages and cultures.  I was in a circle holding hands and having a sense of unconditional love.  The image was so powerful - like I was actually feeling like I was living that experience.

I was introduced to therapeutic breathing in 1996 when I got to experience sessions coached by a dear friend who was in the process of getting certified as a breath facilitator.  In my second session I had a profound samadhi experience of feeling my whole energetic system from my root chakra through the crown of my head being charged with this powerful energy that felt like a burst of bright light and left me feeling euphoric.  That experience was enough for me to want to pursue therapeutic breathing. By the end of 1997 I was completing my training and teaching groups and privately coaching clients, offering what I know is a big part of my life’s work.

Since a large percentage of our population is restricting their breathing I have the ability to offer a service to these people. I have successfully facilitated clients connecting deeply to understanding their emotions and moving into a more peaceful and joy-filled life by a modality that at a cellular and energetic level can make it possible to let go old habits that aren’t serving and heal childhood or other wounds.

I believe all people can heal themselves with support and guidance.  Many therapies exist that can assist healing. To be a midwife, through the breath, in the process of clients’ growth and raising of their consciousness is an honor.  I offer my ability to lovingly catalyze and align my clients with their life's journey, supporting them with a powerful tool.  This tool of connected breathing has brought for me and countless others expanded awareness, clarity and freedom to truly be our amazing selves!


Courting Freedom: Reflections on working with Lisa Jones

Posted by: Maria Skinner on Wednesday, June 17, 2015 

This is a companion piece to the guest blogging by Lisa Jones on my studio blog (scroll down when you get there) : Read this first, or read that first and I look forward to hearing from any of you that have been working with breathing.

breathing took me by surprise.  I was drawn to working with Lisa Jones from an irrational place. Or maybe a place of Mystery. I did not know why but that I needed to work with her.  I had done some Holotropic related breathing a few years back so I sort of knew what I was getting myself into. What I did not realize is how much a supportive, active breathing practitioner could bring to the equation.  To be fair, I think this is also my time. My time to open up to more life, my time to release lifetimes of holding on to… As I do it with my body, my mind rebels, but so what. I am looking for freedom, pure and simple. And nothing will stop me, especially not me.

Resistance comes up each time I work with her. I think to myself that it is so much easier to stop, to quit, to stay where I am. It is such a metaphor for everything in my life. I am experiencing “comfort level” in a purely sensory way. And moving past it is not easy, and I would even nature to say not “natural”. Amazing that I can be accustomed to being shut down in certain places of my beings and experience that as natural. Normal, actually. And all those experiences that I look for to open me up, those seemingly rebellious actions that harm me more than liberate me (and often hurt those around me…) just so that I can have the fake experience of freedom!

This work, however, is the real thing. I am breaking through. I am breaking through my resistance. I am breathing into part of my body that have been closed to me for so long. I wake up in the morning and feel a fuller breath. And there is nothing more delicious than a full breath.

Doing this work with Lisa has totally changed my body and my relationship to the body-mind connection also. I have known and felt for a long time the relationship between my thoughts and my body, how thinking something could make me feel tense or sad or happy, or whatever. I could sense my mind limiting what I could experience in my body. However, I had not realized the relationship could have been just as powerful the other way around. What I found working with Lisa is that my body was affecting my mind. That stuck patterns in my body were leading my mind into certain loops so that I could feel the emotions that were stuck in me. This is the body wanting to heal itself for sure, however, not knowing this, I would actually believe the stories I was making up so that I could feel the body sensations that were familiar to me. This is where I have been breaking through. Now I am more aware of when the triggering is coming from this place, am able to take a deep breath into it before or instead of shutting down. I  see how the places I have broken through with the breathing make it so that my body no longer goes to those places in the same way that my mind can change where it goes.

With this open space, I react to the world around me in new ways. More freedom. The more there is, the more there is.  Spiriting in my breath.....Love and breathing into the next highest vibration.

Maria Skinner
Proprietress, Yoga & Nia for Life, W. Concord, MA
September 13, 2012