Beginnings: La Finca Abundancia

Posted by: Kerry Klages on Monday, January 15, 2018 

I, Kerry, have been in Ecuador for almost 8 years now. March will mark two years of my owning of a small mountain farm in the Intag valley. Here are some of my thoughts I was inspired to write down this morning:

We get up early here at La Finca Abundancia not primarily because the tasks of the day call out to us for completion, but because joy can't wait another moment for a fuller expression. This beautiful land seems to await our full, on-purpose participation in the revealing of what is to be slowly and steadily, step-by-step and day-by-day, birthed into time and space. "Abundancia" means abundance and La Finca Abundancia reveals her seemingly infinite abundance in greater ways as time flows on. We receive of that abundance with celebration. "Dance" is the middle syllable of our 5 syllable name, picturing how celebrating our opportunities to live purposefully, in collaboration with nature and beauty is central to everything. The first two syllables of our name are pronounced in Spanish as " a boon", which means a factor contributing the promotion or enhancement of something. We rejoice that what we see unfolding is the creation of a farm that proves and demonstrates a sustainable poison-free agriculture that with its cooperation with nature by enhancing the life in the soil produces nutrient dense food and an improved environment. Having this functional model here in Ecuador provides undeniable evidence to neighbors and those beyond that such a model is viable, and can be replicated for the highest good and benefit of all. This is also a remote place where people can come to experience beauty, clean air and water, and nourishing food produced here, and other healing modalities to recover their physical and mental vitality. The last two syllables of our name, Abundancia, is "see ya". We are gaining a clearer and truer or perception of ourselves and one another and the natural world we live in and can say to all of these, "I see you". As that perception becomes more grounded in reality, then our power to do good in the world to effect positive change for all, increases proportionally. Wherever you are in the world, we are privileged to participate with you as we share this unified intention.
January 1, 2018

Kerry Klages and Lisa Jones (aka: MacGiver and Rosie)

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