How Healthy is Your Portfolio?

Posted by: Lisa Jones on Tuesday, September 22, 2015 

I recently was talking with someone about elderly people we knew who were suffering from what I can only describe as an accumulation many years of un-supportive emotions and ways of thinking.    They have been living a busy, outer directed life and not checking in on the truth of what could really being going on; knowing their inner life.  We all have blind spots, that with a tool such as conscious breathing, can be felt, gently touched and acknowledged.  This investment of healing, understanding and reflecting with conscious breathing will keep us from accumulating excess stuck emotions and perceptions, which will only be more difficult to release as time goes on.   These elderly people are now equipped with a very close to empty portfolio of the truly valuable things that make life full such as aligning with our life's purpose and our best thinking.  Life is meant to expand with increased joy as we find ways such as conscious breathing to keep growing a full portfolio of what serve us more than any financial assets we've accumulated.  

Tags: awareness, breathing, breathwork, healing