No two of us are alike!

Posted by: Lisa Jones on Wednesday, January 27, 2016 

I think the most interesting gift breathwork gives us is the ability to know ourselves on a deep, unconscious level by beginning to understand the unique "breath language" we all possess.  This opening to awareness is the doorway that so often leads me past the healing experience of our sessions and into the connection to our divine, higher selves.  I just love the debriefing after sessions as people share their experiences of that higher perspective WE ALL CAN ACCESS IF WE ARE WILLING. 

People who have attended any of my workshops know of my cooking prowess - I have gleaned knowledge since 1981, when I started at a health food restaurant Southern California, of ways I wanted to nourish my body. Next  adventure was learning from an elder forager and master gardener, my grandmother in law in Beautiful Oregon - I have referred to this place as The Garden Of Eden many times.   I returned to New Hampshire when my first two daughters are very young and connected with the longest-running CSA in the country. I've been blessed to learn so many things health-enhancing philosophies that at this point in my life I have the wisdom to pick and choose what works.  So it is with personal growth and Breathwork!

After 25 years .I have combined the many personal growth programs I've participated in, my own (and clients I've been privileged to serve) healing work, my shamanic journey experiences, knowledge from teachers and many sources to develop my "Breathing Into It All Sacred Circle Program".

In preparation for this special 9-month program, I am offering 2 Day-long retreats :

February 21, 9 am - 5 pm @ Regina’s Connection, 582 Main Street, Hudson , MA 01749
March 6, 9 am - 5 pm @ Enhance Your Frequency Healing Center, Lexington, MA

Attending either of these is a good way to find out if you're ready to step into the most life-changing program that I have created or, have a one-day retreat!

Please sign up soon as spaces are filling up.

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How I (or anyone) can stop a dry, hacking cough

Posted by: Lisa Jones on Sunday, January 3, 2016 

Hello from the other side of my first cold in 13 years,

I had been going kind of fast & travelling a bit too much in 2015 and the body doesn't lie, nor does the breath as we know. I'm grateful for the detox/cleanse (including emotional) that took place the past 2 weeks and feel so healed and somehow inspired. What amazing insights and spirit connection I received from this forced inward time.  

I would like to share a technique I researched to cure the dry, hacking cough I couldn't stop after the congestion part of the illness was gone. This is how I would do it: cough with my mouth and nose shut - eventually I would even be able to subdue the cough, then hold my breath - holding mouth + nose shut only long enough so as to not be anywhere close to gasping for air when I released. I would then shallow breathe fast, inhale and exhale through nose with a relaxed exhale, for 5-10 breaths. THIS BREATHING is done engaging diaphragm.   What I was doing was creating a situation of increasing Carbon dioxide in airways which pacifies the urge-to-cough receptors and will increase oxygen in cells. This is a simplistic explanation that I will be offering more information on how so many health issues are related to hyperventilation which leads to over-breathing in the 9 month Sacred Circle training. Now that I recovered, I will edit and start blogging all the new ideas and insights I have gained from my Vision Quest without leaving home. 

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