How I (or anyone) can stop a dry, hacking cough

Posted by: Lisa Jones on Sunday, January 3, 2016 

Hello from the other side of my first cold in 13 years,

I had been going kind of fast & travelling a bit too much in 2015 and the body doesn't lie, nor does the breath as we know. I'm grateful for the detox/cleanse (including emotional) that took place the past 2 weeks and feel so healed and somehow inspired. What amazing insights and spirit connection I received from this forced inward time.  

I would like to share a technique I researched to cure the dry, hacking cough I couldn't stop after the congestion part of the illness was gone. This is how I would do it: cough with my mouth and nose shut - eventually I would even be able to subdue the cough, then hold my breath - holding mouth + nose shut only long enough so as to not be anywhere close to gasping for air when I released. I would then shallow breathe fast, inhale and exhale through nose with a relaxed exhale, for 5-10 breaths. THIS BREATHING is done engaging diaphragm.   What I was doing was creating a situation of increasing Carbon dioxide in airways which pacifies the urge-to-cough receptors and will increase oxygen in cells. This is a simplistic explanation that I will be offering more information on how so many health issues are related to hyperventilation which leads to over-breathing in the 9 month Sacred Circle training. Now that I recovered, I will edit and start blogging all the new ideas and insights I have gained from my Vision Quest without leaving home. 

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