"Breathing into it all" Sacred Circle

"Breathing Into It All": A Personal Growth Journey in Sacred Circle

Sacred CircleA program offering breath healing as the foundation for a variety of healing, spiritual and intuitive practices and experiences.   Each Day, which runs 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.,  is offered as a Module. Breathing Into It ALL requirements fulfilled when all 9 Modules are completed.     

This sacred circle is an opportunity to hold space for each other. The power of group consciousness, sacred circle (strength in numbers) helps us remember who we are: loving, peaceful, calm, aware, insightful, intuitive & all connected! Through various experiences in addition to breathwork, you will:                                          

 * feel stronger and your life will have more vitality!                                                  

 * be more aligned with your true self, empowered, joyful; getting on with the life you want!

  • 3 Breathing/meditative experiences each circle gathering

  • Creating a safe, intentional group in sacred circle

  • The Basics of Breathwork (Body, Mind, Spirit)

  • Practices for the body, mind and spirit: bringing in many traditions & intuitive experiences

  • Heart-centered experiences that will permeate your life & relationships

  • Finding joy: re-evaluating and changing beliefs

  • Intention: personal power and mindfulness With the effect of leading you to thrive & shine even more!

    Participant’s words:  I became less anxious, able to be calm and peaceful so much more!”----Sitting in this sacred circle will PROFOUNDLY CHANGE YOU over the nine months!”

Facilitator, Lisa Jones, is an internationally-recognized breathwork practitioner; in private & group practice since 1998. She has been leading group experiences for over two decades. 
This Program is self-designed, with requirements for completion of Level 1 available by request:  email Lisa at Breathguides@yahoo.com