Building of Abundancia, Ecuador

Date:  Ongoing

Phone: 011-593-6301-5701


I, Lisa Jones, am so excited to be part  of an endeavor to heal the planet and ourselves in the remote Andes!   I have been and will continue sharing on Facebook the development of parts as they are fulfilled: cabins, the conference center, and many more exciting pieces in creating a place that is as close to paradise as I have ever seen!     Pictures do not do Abundancia justice!   My intention is to offer retreats of many sorts depending on group needs and desires. I encourage people to present me with what  their group would like to experience and we can fashion workshops.

Imagine: a conference center overlooking a vista that feels like you are in the heavens that will soon be a reality!

It is known that certain parts of the world, like Abundancia, offer an increased amount of healing and renewing. We are offering, for a donation of $200 or more, a stay at the finca Of three nights when workshops are not happening.  You may stay longer as a volunteer worker.  Please note: our conditions are a rustic farm environment at this point.

Give a gift that contributes to healing and renewing all beings and the planet!

I look forward to staying connected with all you awesome, generous supporters so please do sign up on the homepage for our newsletter.     

1 of 4 waterfalls on property, providing water for all our needs.

Thank you to the following project-to-date donors:

Steve Currie  *   Brenda Hodgkiss   * Kailama Morris  *  Denise Bailet *  Felice Fullam * Lisa Murray * Rise Up Center