Breathwork Groups

Date:  Ongoing

Be in contact for updates of groups being planned. Most are happening in Cuenca, Ecuador but online ones are possible. Be in contact if you would like to schedule an online group or private session 

Join Lisa Jones, an internationally recognized Breathing Facilitator since 1998, who has taught thousands of individuals, supporting their journeys into the body/mind realm through her workshops and private sessions. She is committed to building “breathing in sacred circle” communities and adding to the ones currently established in North and South America.  Her belief is that when we breath consciously as a community the amount of healing that takes place is phenomenally amplified for individuals, their loved ones and the planet.

Breathing therapy is a dynamically powerful technique of consciously directed breathing which resolves stress, increases energy, and corrects old breathing patterns, deepening your breath awareness. An easy-to-learn self-help method, it has already gained international acceptance as a viable alternative healing technique. Once learned breathing therapy becomes a method a person can master on their own to effectively release stress, anxiety, stuck old thoughts, patterns, beliefs, and pain.