Therapeutic Breathing

Are you:

  • struggling with life or health challenges?
  • stressed, overwhelmed, anxious, fearful, resentful, angry?
  • or just unable to breathe fully and freely?

Lisa Jones is your guide who helps you live the life you envision.  She is an internationally-recognized Conscious Breathing Practitioner since 1998, who has taught thousands of individuals and supported their journeys into the body/mind realm through her workshops and private sessions. Lisa invites you to share the insights and joy that come from incorporating body, mind, and spirit into your wellness.

She journeys to connect you with your own innate and divine body wisdom to:

  • release unproductive emotions and mental chatter, thereby greatly reducing stress in the mind and body!
  • find freedom to live more joyfully, lovingly, and connected to yourself and others.
  • being more insightful and aware, to live more consciously: to your life's potentiality!

Find out what people are saying about Lisa's breath therapy:

As a Chiropractor, the importance of breathing is something I have a great appreciation for. Going into my breath session with Lisa, I was excited about what would be revealed in my breathing and what other elements besides the physical would be uncovered for me. Lisa really showed me a different approach to assessing breath. The most interesting revelation for me was learning how life events/traumas still had their physical elements locked up as tension in my breathing patterns, negatively impacting my body’s ability to create a full breath. Even for events I thought on a conscious level I had made my peace with. Lisa was there to prompt me to keep breathing when my state had shifted to a place where I had been holding tension. What I found amazing was how the breath session enabled me to slip into a state of subconsciousness and address these elements of tension within my body. They were obviously buried deep. Being transported to a deeply emotional state with the absence of conscious thought seems very strange to me on reflection; it usually goes the other way. With Lisa’s guidance I was forced to breath through this tension and address the physical response locked in my body from ceasing breathing during the original difficult life event/trauma. That pain faded with each breath! The cyclic breathing is the key to the session and although I felt I got the hang of it in the session, I knew I will benefit more from practicing it regularly at home. So when Lisa gave me a specific exercise combining cyclic breathing with a Child’s Pose, I was more than happy to take that forward as a learning point. Being given a tool to work on daily by myself, and being coached on how to use it most effectively for me was a fantastic adjunct to the session. Lisa gave me a clear explanation of how to perform it and for how long to ensure I got the most amount of benefit without slipping into a deep emotional state unsupervised. Overall I learned some valuable lessons, I felt lighter and thoroughly relaxed by the end of the session a great feeling that I most certainly carried some element of into the next day. Thank you Lisa!                                                                                                                                                                               Sharon S.
I have been working in the holistic healing field for 15 years and never have I come across something as powerful as Breathing therapy. Lisa's sessions are deeply healing and transformative and I exaggerate not when I tell you that they ALWAYS leave me in a state of crystal clear enlightened bliss.  Sarah A.
When I first came to see Lisa I was feeling a great deal of depression and anxiety.  Even though I had been in psychotherapy (and previously on anti-depressants) for many years there were times I was so overwhelmed I would feel literally paralyzed and I wouldn't be able to make it out of bed, sometimes for days at a time–but somehow I always managed to find a way, even in my darkest moments, to make it to Lisa for breathing therapy.  I did so because after the first session with Lisa I felt better and continued to feel freer over the past year as we continued to work together.  If you are ready to heal and find freedom, I can't recommend Lisa enough.  She has been a true blessing and miracle in my life. A.G.
Thank you Lisa....I miss your sessions a lot my friend. I feel so incredibly connected to a part of my soul that I never saw before. It is amazing to feel that from you and others in the room as well.. I look forward to seeing you again. Peace, J.
I became less anxious, able to be calm and peaceful so much more of the time. I now don't have expectations of how other people are suppose to behave or respond in situations in my life. My work life is less stressful. B.P.
Hi Lisa!  I just want to affirm that what you are doing with people & breathing is so amazing.  My life is so different now because of the access I get through breath to things unseen.  I've gotten (& continue to get) so much guidance & support each time I breathe.  Your work is so important & you are changing the world, one life at a time.  :o) D.G.

Begin your therapeutic breathing journey  now with Lisa Jones, breath facilitator since 1998,  by scheduling a private session or get your peeps together for a group!

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